Edxacash E-Wallet For Business

Salary PAyment Solution

Employment Agency

The perfect solution for employment agencies looking to streamline their salary payment process and onboard new employees with ease.

With our e-wallet and prepaid card solution , you can say goodbye to banking hassle and enjoy faster, safer, and more efficient payments especially for expatriate or foreign workers who cannot open bank accounts.

Plus, our user-friendly platform makes it easy to onboard new employees quickly and without the headaches of traditional banking.

So why wait? Simplify your salary payment process and improve your employee on-boarding experience with our payment solution today!


Fast Employee On-boarding

Our e-wallet enables fast employee on-boarding without banking hassle. New employees can receive their salaries quickly and easily. This gets new employees up and running faster

Suitable for Expat or Foreign Worker

Perfect for expats and foreign workers with short-term employment or with finance illiteracy. It provides a simple and secure way to receive salaries without needing a traditional bank account.

Work In Remote Location

An example would be remote plantation sites where internet access is limited to business areas. However, with our solution, shops can still process transactions via terminals and DuitNow using satellite internet.

No more cash Payment

Eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash for salary payments in remote areas or for foreign workers. Our DuitNow and prepaid card solutions offer a safe, secure and cost-effective alternative.