Edxacash E-Wallet For Business

Monetary assistance fast!

Charity or Zakat Distribution

Are you a charity organization or zakat distributor looking for a more efficient and secure way to distribute funds to those in need? Look no further than our payment solution, designed to provide financial assistance and inclusiveness to the underprivileged faster and accurately.

Our solution is suitable for a variety of charitable purposes, including providing allowances to the unfortunate, covering medical expenses such as hospital and clinic bills or medicine allowances, and even offering financial assistance for small businesses. With immediate funding to a dedicated individual account via DuitNow, our e-wallet solution provides a safe and efficient way to distribute funds to those in need.

Accepted all over Malaysia, our e-wallet solution offers complete transaction history for better transparency, and with no fraud claims to worry about, you can focus on providing assistance to those who truly need it.

Make a difference in your community and promote financial inclusiveness with our payment solution for charity and zakat money distribution.


Direct Access To recipient

Faster and more accurate distribution of funds to those in need, with immediate funding to a dedicated individual account via DuitNow.

Reduce Visit To Collect Assistance

Assistance can be given straight to the recipient account. No more monthly visits and queues.

Improve Efficiency And Transperency

Increased transparency and accountability through detailed transaction history, ensuring that funds are distributed to the intended beneficiaries.

Works Anywhere In Malaysia

Greater financial inclusiveness and community impact, promoting financial assistance and support to the underprivileged and small businesses in need.