Edxacash E-Wallet For Business



At our company, we're always looking for ways to grow and improve. We believe that collaboration is key to success, and that's why we welcome anyone who would like to work with us. Whether you're a service provider, SaaS developer, government agency, or an educational institution or whoever you are, we'd love to hear from you.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message on WhatsApp. We offer a variety of integration services to help you get started, and we're always happy to discuss new ideas and partnerships.


We offer API service to integrate with you system using standard HTTP protocol. For example if you are a HR or Finance sofware developer like to integrate an e-wallet and prepaid card to your platfrom.

Mini Apps

Build your own mini apps on our platform. Mini apps such as remittance, online store, insurance, telco or game topup. Integrate your service with us to access our community of users.

Payment Portal

Our easy to use no frill payment disbursement platform. Reload e-wallet without any programming knowledge. Will work with any spreadsheet.


If you have specific or special needs, we do offer some degree of customization. Please contact use to discuss further.