Edxacash E-Wallet For Business


Efficient, faster & safer payments for businesses

Boost your business productivity and efficiency with our payment solution - make transactions faster, safer, and more convenient than ever before!


Our comprehensive payment platform is designed to meet all your payment needs, with a wide range of features that ensure faster, safer, and more efficient transactions. Whether you're looking to streamline your payroll, manage expenses, or make international payments, our platform has got you covered with a suite of powerful features to help you achieve your business goals.


Available on both iOS and Android. Get instant access to fund transfers, transaction history, topup and withdraw funds.


Prepaid Card

Use it like a regular debit or credit card, accepted everywhere, local and internationally.


ATM Withdrawal

Withdraw cash from local ATMs with VISA or Mastercard logo. Work with most banks, just like your bank card.


Retail Card Payment

Our prepaid card works with most card terminals, allowing you to make payments using your PIN or Paywave, wherever you go.


DuitNow QR Payment

Make payments and fund transfers through DuitNow QR, the new standard for fast and secure payments.


Online Shopping

Make online purchases from the comfort of your own device. Our prepaid card work just like your debit or credit card.

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Wallet Transfer

Instant wallet to wallet transfer with just a few taps on our platform.

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Mini Apps

Access to a mini apps, such as remittance, insurance, and online shopping. New mini apps added regularly.

Business Case Example​

Below are some business case where our solution will help your business.

Employment Agency​

E-Wallet and prepaid card facilities provide an alternative option for salary payments, especially for short-term employment, expats or foreign workers facing issues with traditional bank accounts.

Corporate Payment Card

Manage corporate spending for your organization, from sales team entertainment, travel expenses, petty cash and general expenses. This will give better control of your spending and fraud claims.

Fleet Management

Connect directly to your drivers. Manage your driver’s petrol payment, maintenance, or allowances while preventing fraud. Enjoy instant transfers and a transparent transaction history.

Charity or Zakat Distribution

Efficiently distribute charity funds to those in need, such as monthly assistance, medical support, and business aid. Full transparency and prevent fraud.

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